Our Pilgrim Priests in Medjugorje for 2020

by Stella Mar Pilgrimages

With all the positive news from the Vatican about Medjugorje, more pilgrims and priests are coming to experience the abundant graces.

As leaders of pilgrimages ourselves, it’s really beautiful to bring priests to Medjugorje for their first time, or even their 50th!

Our goal this year was to sponsor a priest on every pilgrimage by giving them a free, all-expenses-paid pilgrimage package, and with your help we’ve been able to do exactly that and more.

These are some of the priests coming on pilgrimage with us this year:

♥  Fr. Truong from St. Laurence, Sugar Land, TX for March 12 to 20, 2020

♥  Fr. Jerry Gauvreau on March 30 – April 7, 2020

♥  Fr. Jim McCormack to June 18- June 26, 2020

♥  Fr. Robert Ssekate from Uganda for Youth Fest, July 30 to Aug 7, 2020 (yes, this is Roberto who is in our Cross Mountain film as a young seminarian!)

♥ Fr. Walter Nolte in August 27- September 4, 2020

♥ Fr. Anthony Odiong from Louisiana on September 29 to October 7, 2020

♥ Fr. Damien Wee from Omaha, Nebraska on Nov 27 to Dec 5, 2020

Join our sponsored priests in Medjugorje

To learn more about joining one of our upcoming pilgrimages this year, visit our website MedjugorjePilgrimage.com.

Priest Sponsorships

A sponsored priest is given a free, all expenses paid pilgrimage package which includes airfare, private room, meals, transportation, guide, and everything part of a normal pilgrimage.

We ask our sponsored priests to serve as chaplains to the pilgrims who take part in the trip, and to essentially serve as the spiritual leader of the group.

We try to arrange for our sponsored priests to be the main celebrant for at least one Mass in St. James Church, if the opportunity is available.

Because of limited availability, we can usually only choose one priest per trip to fully sponsor. However, if we already have a priest with us on a specific trip you’d like to join, you can still get a clergy discount, or we can help you find a sponsor.

Also, you can organize your own Stella Mar pilgrimage as a group leader to get free trips (see below).

If you are a priest interested in traveling with us to Medjugorje, please apply at our website.

Organize A Pilgrimage

Priests can also travel free by forming a custom pilgrimage and promoting the pilgrimage in their parishes.We also have two priests who are leading custom pilgrimages through Stella Mar Pilgrimages:

♥  Fr. Jason Brooks on June 13

♥  Fr. Philip Wilhite from Conroe, Texas on Oct. 13

Custom pilgrimages are trips that we arrange for groups, parishes, group leaders, or promoters. Leaders of these trips earn one free pilgrimage package for every ten registered pilgrims. Learn more about our custom pilgrimages.

See you in Medjugorje!

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